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Prose is architecture, not interior design

(Ernest Hemingway)

Heartbeat Of The Global Economy?

Africa’s trade relationships have been  irreversibly affected by three events – the Covid-19 pandemic and two important trade agreements. At midnight on 31 January 2020, the withdrawal of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union (EU) officially came into force. The decision – Brexit – made by 52% of the British population resulted in the EU losing its second-largest…

The Silent Pandemic

Physical health has been brought into sharp focus over the last year as people watch for any sign of irregular temperature, loss of breath, or a tickle at the back of their throat. Yet, the impact of COVID- 19 on mental health is also proving deadly, particularly in Africa where health services were facing a financial struggle long before there…

Braving Bullets and Death to Write the First Draft of History

When everyone else is running away from danger, war reporters hurl their cameras and microphones in the opposite direction to ‘get the story’. Paula Slier, the writer of this piece, is one of them. War reporting is more a calling than a profession. Why else would an otherwise sane adult throw himself or herself in harm’s way? When everyone else…

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